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event  enhancements & Add-ons 

From stunning lighting effects to interactive photo booths, we offer a myriad of options to elevate your event and create unforgettable experiences.

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Take your event to the

 Next level! 

Why go for event enhancement add-ons? Because they're like the sprinkles on the ice cream cone of your event! They take your party from 'cool' to 'unforgettable.' With fun lighting, interactive photo booths, and more. These extras make sure your event is the talk of the town for all the right reasons!

dancing on the clouds

Dancing on the Clouds

Picture this: You and your sweetheart, dancing on clouds to your favorite wedding song – it's all about those dreamy, romantic vibes. And guess what? Those clouds can add some extra magic to your nighttime entertainment or even some spontaneous dance moves with your guests. Yep, we've got your 'wow' moments covered!

couple posing for photobooth

Digital & print
photo booths

Whether you prefer the timeless charm of traditional prints or the modern convenience of our all-digital setup, we've got the perfect choice for you. Our photo booths come complete with a treasure trove of props and an attentive booth attendant who'll be there throughout your celebration to keep the fun going.

handheld co2 blaster

co2 blaster

Leave your guests utterly astonished with our incredible handheld CO2 blaster! This amazing gadget is your secret weapon for injecting a burst of energy and excitement into any celebration. This special effect marvel adds that extra element of surprise and thrill that'll have everyone talking about your event for ages to come.

LOVE marquee letters

"LOVE" Marquee Letters

Shout your 'LOVE' loud and proud with our stunning 4-foot, all-white marquee letters that'll make a statement your friends and family won't forget. These letters are not just big; they're brilliantly illuminated from within, adding an enchanting touch to any wedding venue.

360 degree photo booth

360° photo

We've got the hottest trend in town for snagging those awesome 360-degree action shots and videos of your crew! It's not just for weddings; think corporate gigs, marketing shindigs, holiday bashes, grand openings, birthdays, festivals, and even mitzvahs – you name it, we've got you covered!

up lighting


Transform your venue with strategically placed uplights, accentuating architectural details and setting the mood to match your event's color scheme. Our wireless uplighting offers the freedom to create a visually cohesive and hassle-free ambiance, customized to your chosen color.

pin spot lighting

LED Pin Spot Lighting

LED pin spots are your secret weapon for making your event's centerpieces, cakes, and focal points look absolutely stunning. These little powerhouses of lighting magic don't just illuminate; they transform your event space into a canvas of brilliance, ensuring that every detail gets the spotlight it deserves!

custom monogram

Custom monogram

We're all about adding that personal touch to your big day! With our custom light displays, you have the power to showcase your wedding date and your names or initials in a big and bold way. This isn't just lighting; it's about turning your wedding into an experience that's as individual as you are.

personalized neon sign

Personalized neon signs

Personalized LED neon signs come with a ton of options - you can craft your very own in a snap – we're talking just a few minutes! It's all about making your event uniquely you, and these signs are the way to do it. So dive right in and click here to let your creative juices flow and design a sign that's as awesome and individual as your event itself.

15' x 15' dance floor

15'x15' dance floor

Looking to carve out the ultimate dance floor, where your crew can bust some moves and groove all night long? Well, look no further than our 15x15 portable dance floor – it's the bomb for parties with 100-200 folks (and don't forget, we've got a slick white version too)!

virtual livestreaming

virtual live streaming

Life's unpredictable, and sometimes, your nearest and dearest can't make it to your special day due to travel, work, COVID-19, or other reasons. We've got the perfect solution: our live streaming option! It's like bringing your event to them, ensuring they don't miss out on the magic, no matter where they are.

Sounds amazing, right?

time to head over to our packages & Pricing page!

Ready to dive into the specifics and discover the perfect package for your event? Swing by our dedicated Packages and Pricing page, where we've laid out all the juicy details. From what's included in each package to how it fits your budget, we've got you covered with everything you need to know. Let's make your event planning a breeze – see you there!

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