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3 Surefire Ways to Get Your Dance Floor Packed!

It’s your wedding day and family and friends are excited to party with you out on the dance floor! You’re also eager to dance the night away with your guests, but how do you guarantee the atmosphere will be inviting to all in attendance?

In recent industry studies it has been proven that what people will remember the most about your wedding day is how much fun they had….or did not have. With that important realization in mind, we feel these are the 3 most important factors to making your special day unforgettable for all the right reasons!

1. Bride and Groom Interaction:

When your family and friends see you both out on the dance floor this automatically makes them want to join in on the party! For those of you that don’t have those killer moves or consider yourselves introverts, don’t worry because your presence alone on the floor is all it takes! If the bride and groom spend the majority of the night seated at the head table then this sends the message that dancing or having fun is not very important to them. Get out there, smile, move your body and show everyone how happy you are to be marrying the love of your life. You’ll be surprised how much this will affect the mood!

2. Size of the Dance Floor:

A large enough dance area is crucial to helping set the tone for the evening. Some guests feel they need space and don’t want to be crowded or bumping elbows all night with others in attendance while they’re doing their thing! A lot of couples like to have group dance songs such as The Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, YMCA, or Footloose played at their wedding and having room for this to happen will increase the chances of packing the floor. A standard wedding reception will usually consist of 100-200 people in attendance. For that number we recommend either a space of at least 15ft x 15ft or 18ft x 18ft. This should allow you to maximize your dancing opportunities.

3. Hire a versatile, interactive DJ who is able to read your crowd:

This aspect by far plays the biggest role in how active your guests will be during dance time at your reception. A great DJ will be able to blend multiple genres of music throughout the night to keep everyone involved. You want someone who is not just a “human iPod” that stands behind the booth all night pushing play from a predetermined playlist. Your DJ needs to read your crowd by noticing different body languages and facial expressions from guests to create the right vibe at the perfect times. They’re great on the microphone as well with making announcements to help maintain a smooth flow during the reception, which is also VERY important to overall guest involvement.

Now that you know what it takes to keep your reception jumping from start to finish, choose wisely and get ready to make lasting memories on the dance floor!


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